He was born in 1977 in Balıkesir. He started Karate-do in 1990 in Balıkesir City with Sensei Mehmet Aygün. When his technical talent was discovered, his sensei focused on preparation for Kata competitions. He became Turkey Champion in Cadets in 1993 and then two months later he elected for Karate National Team. Between the years 1993-2003, he awarded a total of 11 championships in individual and team Kata category and 8 other awards. His last Turkey championship in seniors, was in Gaziantep city, the year 2000.

With Sensei Seyed Jamaleddin Nekoofar, @ 30th Seniors European Karate Championships, Finland 1995

The turning point in his Karate life was January 1995. In this period, with the support of sensei Hakan Alpay & the Istanbul society of Karate, he went to Milan, Italy to work with Sensei Seyed Jamaleddin Nekoofar. This short period is a milestone for him. He learned the details of Kata with the help of intense training sessions with his sensei and Italy Seniors Kata Team ( Vincenzo FiguccioMauro Rovelli & Daniele Vietti) which lasted almost every day in this period.

Though he founds it very meaningful that after his returns to Turkey, he competed and disqualified due to the incorrect technic in Turkey Seniors Championship in 1995, Antalya. (The objection to disqualification has accepted after the competition, but the contest was never repeated.)

He proudly represented Turkey in Kata in the years 1994,1995 in Cadets, 1997,1998 in Juniors and 1995,1996,1997 and 2002 in Senior European Championships. Although he had achieved 4th place in Europe a couple of times, (Equal to the 3rd in up-to-date) but unfortunately, he never got on the bench.

Balkan Championships, 1998 @ Istanbul

He became Balkan champion four times in 1997, 1998 and 1999. (One time in Juniors and three times in seniors category)

In his best years, unfortunately, the national team was not taking the Kata competitor to the World Championships. Instead, they took only Kumite competitors because the technical team believes that the odds for medals are higher and their budget was so low those days.

All of his awards throughout his athletic career, you can reach from here.

End of 1996 he competed for Karate Dojo Funakoshi Osnabruck (Germany) with Sensei Ömer Habeş. for a period of three months. He won JKA Cup Germany 1996 as well as Munster Cup and regional cup in Wattensheild.

He also trained with Sensei Adnan Şafak Yüksel in Izmir (Goju-Ryu). Even though his original style is Shotokan, In 2001, he became Seniors Turkey Kata Champion (with Başar İnel & Mucip Uludağ) by doing Goju-Ryu style.

He describes that Goju-Ryu and traditional Karate training as the second milestone in his Karate life.

He has Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Balıkesir University, M.M.F. (Faculty of Architecture & Engineering) Balıkesir, Turkey in 2004 as well as Graduated Construction Technician degree from Balıkesir University, M.Y.O. (Faculty of Business) Balıkesir, Turkey in 2000.

Since January 2005, he is working in his own construction and real estate company called Turkey Collection Co. (www.turkeycollection.com).

Karate 34 League. @ Istanbul, 2018.
Emrah, Ece, Ege & Nilgün Mihyaz

In 2017 and 2018, he trained new Kata athletes in Ha5 Karate Club in Fethiye. His athletes won many medals in tournaments throughout the country. In the most difficult league of Turkey, “Karate34 karate league“, with the medals they won in the kata competitions, at the end of the year, they finished 3rd in Kata general classification by leaving behind some well-established clubs in Turkey.

In December 2018, he has ended Ha5 Karate Club training period for some limitations and to be able to reach bigger achievements.

He is a third-level senior coach (by the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports) and holding 6th Dan in Shotokan style (by Turkish Karate Federation). Married and father of two children.