Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules)

  1. You should bow as you enter and leave the Dojo.
  2. When you’re late, sit down on your knees and wait for Sensei’s permission, so enter the tatami.
  3. Use Dojo and all equipment carefully.
  4. Line up by belt level, then by age level.
  5. Never take a break from training, if possible, train every day.
  6. You should listen to everything Sensei says and never forget.
  7. ou should always use a clean Karate-gi (suit) and clean equipment.
  8. Take care of your personal hygiene. Always have a clean life. Hands and toenails should always be well-kept and clean, and should never step on the tatami with shoes.
  9. Accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings are not used in training.
  10. The way to succeed depends on 3 factors. You have to work hard, eat well, and pay attention to your sleep.
  11. Karate is like hot water. If you do not constantly heat it, it cools.
  12. Respect yourself and each other, be polite. Disrespect and rudeness has no place in our Dojo.
  13. Disrespect and rudeness has no place in the life of a real Karate-Ka.
  14. A successful Karate-Ka is also a successful student, pay attention to your lessons.
  15. Not just your body; you should also train your mind and soul.
  16. Always try to do the best. Do not leave any work unfinished.
  17. Live a useful life for yourself and your environment.
  18. Never give up.
  19. Unluckiness comes from laziness.
  20. You should know yourself well, only then you can know the other people.
  21. Not that you should beat; Imagine not to be defeated.
  22. Always ask question. This is the basis of learning and progress.