To register; it is enough not to have a serious health problems that may prevent you from doing sports. Health problems (Osteoartrit, excess weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.), which can be considered insignificant while doing sports, will quickly improve if you pay attention to your diet as well.

For registration, copy of your ID, a passport size photograph and a health report will be sufficient. Although reports from your family physicians can be sufficient; but we recommend a full-fledged medical report from a hospital. After all, sports are for health, primarily.

Karate is one of the lowest cost sports in terms of initial costs. At the beginner level, one Karate-gi (dress), gloves and footwear, impact porridge are all equivalent to an almost average quality sneakers price. Of course, we do not recommend a single dress, because of health and salon rules, dirty, sweat-smelling clothes should not be worn during training. Especially in the summer, at least two suits will be required for 3-4 workouts per week.

When you get to the advanced level in Karate, you will need to have an international standard dress. In Japan, you can choose a quality dress and silk black belt tailored to your body size by private tailors.

For registration, you will have to pay a monthly fee in advance. You can pay the next month’s fee in the first week of the following months. You can also get the necessary equipment (Karate-gi, Gloves, Foot Guards and an impact pad) as a package. It is a good idea to write your name indelibly on them in order to prevent mixing of equipment. Because the equipment can be easily mixed in intensive training.

If you are curious about the registration age; it is enough for an athlete to listen to sensei and adapt to crowded and noisy training environments rather than his age. Therefore, we find the lowest 5-6 years old suitable. One of the best things about Karate is that it is a sport that you can do throughout your life as the training level can be adjusted according to the age. Of course, a 50-year-old Karate-Ka should not be expected to train at the same level as athletes aged 17-22. This is the purpose of organizing sessions according to the age categories in our lessons.

You can contact us for more information about registration and sessions.